This is Hans and I. We have lived in Shady Hollow in Austin, Texas on and off for over 20 years only leaving for military deployments and college. All three of our children and our nephew attended Bowie High School and one or the other at any given time attended all of the local middle and elementary schools. My older son and I both graduated from UT- So yes, this is definitely where we call home.

I have been involved in the beauty industry throughout my entire life - but I never took the leap to make it a career. I have always struggled with the idea of wanting health and wellness but feeling guilty for desiring beauty hence, our name Trü Life Medspa & Wellness. I abandoned my dream of working in the beauty industry and developed a career as a Licensed Master Social Worker, yet still feeling the pull of the beauty industry.

Hans retired from the Army in 2013 and I stopped working for Texas Health and Human Services in 2020. This is where this part of our story begins and when Trü Life Medspa & Wellness made the most sense! Despite being an Army Ranger at one time and currently an emergency medicine PA, Hans agreed to help me make Trü Life Medspa & Wellness happen and of course, he now loves it as much as I do. Wait till you meet him! You'll be able to tell.

We both wanted a place that was convenient and easy for our community to access. We wanted a place that felt classy, yet comfortable, small and personal. We also wanted to provide both, wellness and beauty for everyone. Hans and I would love to invite you not to choose between wellness and beauty but to experience how it’s ok to want and have both. We look forward to meeting you and having you experience what Trü Life Medspa & Wellness represents.

Life is too short to have to choose between beauty and wellness!

Meet The Tru Life Medspa & Wellness Team

Owner, Laser Hair Removal Professional


Jennifer Felix, LHRP

Jennifer Felix, LHRP is part owner and the laser services and skin care provider for Trü Life Medspa and Wellness. Jennifer Felix received her laser training at Texas Laser & Aesthetics and completed her Esthetics training at Georgia Technical College. Jennifer holds a certification in Electral Dermal Screening (EDS) and is a member of the Association of Natural Health. Jennifer also has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is a Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional.

Owner, Physician Assistant


Hans Felix, PA-C

Hans Felix, PA-C, is part owner and the medical services provider for Trü Life Medspa and Wellness. Hans Felix retired as an Army PA in 2013 where he spent his career as an emergency medicine provider both in a hospital and deployed military locations. Hans attended the University of Nebraska for his education and completed his aesthetic training with Empire Medical and is a member of the Association for Natural Health.

Registered Nurse

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Sean Kinnie, RN

A Registered Nurse with 30 years of clinical experience ranging from emergency, critical care and trauma. He began his medical career in the US Army and graduated from Galen College of Nursing in 2011.

Medical Director


Dr. Won Yi, MD

Dr. Won Yi, MD, is the Medical Director and Board-Certified Anesthesiologist of Trü Life Medspa and Wellness. Dr. Yi attended the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine for his education, completed his internship at the University of Florida College of Medicine at Jacksonville, then completed his residency at Montefiore Medical Center – Moses Division.

Post Treatment Suncare

Post treatment sun protection and skin care is always a must. After your appointment or any time you may interested, the Trü Life Medspa & Wellness team can apply either our tinted or non-tinted, mineral based sunscreen to the treated area and explain the benefits of only using a mineral based sunscreen. Colorescience is our medical grade skincare line that offers both post treatment and home based skin care. You can click here or their logo from our skin care page to be taken to the Trü Life Medspa & Wellness Colorescience website. Colorescience also has an incredible rewards program. Please just make sure you are on the Trü Life Medspa & Wellness Colorescience link when you register so I can assist you directly with anything you may need or have questions about.

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